CamContain FB-R/GB-R Safe Change Housing

Positive sealing integrity in a side access bag-in/bag-out housing for gel seal Absolute HEPA filters.

  • Designed for use in critical processes where hazardous airborne materials must be prevented from escaping to the atmosphere. Air filters may be replaced using a control barrier to protect change-out personnel from contaminants within the housing or contaminants captured by the filters.
  • The housing minimizes exposure to harmful contaminants during filter service through the use of a PVC bag enclosure system. The entire filter changing process isolates personnel from the hazardous materials.


Chemical manufacturing facilities
Food processing
Genetic research and biotechnology facilities
Hospital Isolation Suites to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
Industrial processes exhaust
Microelectronic and semiconductor facilities
Nuclear power plants
Pharmaceutical facilities
Radioisotope handling facilities
University research laboratories
US Department of Energy Facilities
Veterinary research and animal disease laboratories
Specific United States Government facilities including military and the Department of State.

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