TU Delft Solar Boat Case

Created Monday 12 April 2021
important information:

CLIENT: Technical University Delft Solar Boat Team

LOCATION: The Netherlands

SECTOR: Green Maritime

PROBLEM AREAS: Sea salt, water droplets, humidity, and dirt can result in corrosion and harm the valuable equipment and people.



Camfil offered compact, robust construction tailor-made filters for TU Delft Solar Boat that are;
• Aerodynamically optimized
• Outstanding airborne salt particle resistance that minimizes equipment corrosion
• Low inlet pressure loss for increased power and reliability
• Energy-efficient, long-life to help reduce maintenance and associated costs
• Ensure process reliability, efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership
• Quality certified under ISO 9001 and a Security Certificate Contractor (SCC)


Filters for the air intake of the fuel cell Waterproof air intake - a custom CamVane will be installed to capture large amounts of water.

About CamVane
The CamVane is made of specially designed profiles that effectively capture the water droplets from the air stream along with corrosion protection.


Ventilation filter - a custom CamClose and custom CamGT filter will be installed to capture moisture, salt, and particles and to blow in absolutely clean air.

About CamClose
The CamClose panel filter is primarily used as a pre-filter to extend the service life of final filters by offering low initial pressure drop and high dust capacity. The filter is especially suitable for applications in humid conditions, like tropical and coastal installations.

”Custom-made CamClose here will act as a coalescer – to catch and drain out any small water droplets that pass by the CamVane. This minimizes the amount of water that reaches the final filter and thereby also the risk that any water will get pushed through the final filter or the final filter sealing to the duct in the long run.”
- Kenny Hedlund, Director R&D Europe, Camfil

About CamGT
CamGT is a high-efficiency, incinerable compact filter with a heavy-duty design, guarantees optimum protection under the most demanding operating conditions.



The Technical University Delft Solar Boat Team is one of the 'dream team‘ of the university. The team consists of 21 ambitious students who will go through the process of designing, producing, and finally racing a sustainable boat that runs on green energy. This project allows the students to gain practical experience and learn what it is like to work together in a multidisciplinary team towards an ambitious goal. With this team, TU Delft shapes the engineers for a sustainable future.
In 2021, the team is building a boat that runs on hydrogen. The project is called Hydro Motion. Hydrogen is ideal for storing green energy and has enormous potential. This will inspire the entire maritime industry by showing what is possible with a hydrogen boat. Together we can take the necessary steps towards sustainable shipping.


With this project, the TU Delft Solar Boat Team works together with the maritime sector to accelerate the transition to green energy. There is still a lot to be gained in this sector and by thinking together with the maritime world and innovating in the field of sustainability, the team contributes to a better and greener future. Because only together we can make a change.

“Encourage the use of renewable energy to move towards a sustainable future”
Camfil’s technology and product design befits our project. The filters are custom-made for the solar boat and fit down to every millimeter that allows us to protect our fuel cell from salt and seawater while sailing. As a partner, Camfil is very considerate, innovative & exceptional with delivery. Gerard Wiegersma, Engineer, Technical University Delft Solar Boat Team
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