Waste & Recycling

Waste & Recycling

Make clean air part of the housekeeping routines at your recycling facilities – the health and safety of your workers, plant equipment and business depend on it.

Sort your waste – and the problems caused by the many sources of odours, dust and harmful gases at recycling plants – with dedicated molecular filtration solutions that keep danger at bay.

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Can We Remove it

Created Tuesday 13 April 2021

Dealing with airborne odours, toxins and gases can be a big challenge to companies. Learn about how Molecular filtration can protect against the affects of these airborne contaminants

Desulfurization of Biogas with CamPure 32

Created Tuesday 16 February 2021

CamPure 32 is the new ideal Camfil media for the removal of hydrogen sulfide during the production of biogas in an anaerobic process. Learn how this farm in France applied the high quality chemical absorbent media to their biogas application.

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