united nations goals
Providing meaningful, global contributions

United Nations Goals

Camfil aligns its strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have identified four goals that are the most relevant to our business that enable us to provide the most meaningful global contribution.



For the best indoor air quality to promote good health and well-being, Camfil offers high-efficiency air filters to remove harmful particles and contaminants in ventilation air, as well as air pollution control systems that collect dust, mist and fumes in manufacturing for safer work environments.This is an area where our ambition to always provide better filtration for both particles and gases can help to give people a better life. Once again, it is an ongoing work where we continue to mix smaller incremental changes with step changes.

Decent Work & Economic Growth


We provide satisfactory working conditions for more than 4,500 employees at 30 manufacturing sites backed by strong human resource management and local employee care and health programs. This global workforce steadily helps us to increase our annual sales and earnings to contribute to economic growth in 26 countries.We need to continue this work and also ensure that our partners, suppliers and distributors also help contribute to this goal. We do so by strengthening the requirements for the companies we work with to ensure they also provide decent working conditions. In addition to this, we support their growth by doing more business together to ensure economic growth.

Sustainable Cities & Communities


Camfil’s air filters and clean air solutions are the most energy-efficient on the market and create more sustainable buildings in cities around the world. The environmental impact of Camfil’s production plants is being continuously reduced each year.

Responsible Consumption & Production 


The environmental impact of Camfil’s production plants is being continuously reduced each year through in-house improvement measures and green initiatives to conserve energy, water and reduce landfill waste.This work will never be complete, and we will continue to improve our own operations and, in addition, work on minimizing the environmental impact our products have during their lifetime. There are also SDGs where Camfil can contribute positively with our knowledge and expertise.

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