Removing H2O2 to speed up decontamination rates in hospitals

hospital video

Watch the video above to see How Camfil helped reduce decontamination rates of hospital rooms when H2O2 were used


Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is being used to decontaminate nursing rooms, recovery

rooms and operating theaters. The process time to decontaminate rooms usually takes

approximately 1 hour (depending on size and contaminant). During the process, the

room is shut off from the HVAC and completely sealed off. A H2O2 fogging equipment is

installed inside the room and will be operated from the outside. After decontaminaton, it

normally takes 12 to 48 hours before the hospital could use the room again due to the

H2O2 levels. Rooms can only be ready for patients when the level is at 1 ppm.


Using CamCleaner CC2000 with special molecular filtration upgrade. A remote control

was used to switch the CamCleaner on and off from outside the room.


With the CamCleaner, it took only 10 mins to go from 115ppm to 37ppm (normally

3 hours) and in total it took 2,5 hours before H2O2 levels reached 4ppm. At 6ppm

employees are already allowed to enter the room briefly without protection.

Before CamCleaner was in the picture, the hospital could not use the room for a

maximum 2 days, which was a high financial cost for the hospital.

Created Wednesday 24 April 2019
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