Accessories For Dust, Fume And Mist Collectors


The right accessories for your dust, fume and mist extraction equipment provide not only the required level of safety and protection for your individual process, it also can improve the performance of the entire system leading to higher efficiency and therefore reduced lifecycle costs.

The requirements for extracting dust, fume and mist from industrial processes can vary significantly, depending on the individual process and the handled materials, which means each extraction system has to be tailored to the customer´s needs. Therefore Camfil can include a wide range of accessories and options for extraction systems to ensure the most appropriate solution for each application.

Safety & protection:
- Explosion and fire protection options are necessary safety devices to protect personnel and facilities when handling combustible or explosive dust. - Dust collector containment options mitigate the risk that fine, harmful dust doesn´t escape during normal operation and routine maintenance, protecting operators from getting into contact with these substances.

Environmental protection:
- The utilisation of containment options and secondary filter stages protects the workspace by improving indoor air quality but also the outdoor environment, ensuring no harmful emissions are vented outside.

Process reliability:
- Making extraction systems controllable and safe will increase the process reliability and minimise unforeseen downtimes.

Performance and functionality:
- Configuring the right accessories to an extraction system makes the dust, fume and mist collectors even more effective, safe and efficient for the intended application.

Energy efficiency:
- Using an appropriate fan and controller helps to reduce energy consumption as well as compressed air consumption, optimised on the current process conditions.
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