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Molecular filters

Camfil provides filters that can remove molecules, gases and vapours from t​he air through molecular filtration. Our molecular products are tested according to ISO 10121 or ASHRAE 145.2.

Molecules are typically 1,000 to 10,000 times smaller than the most penetrating particles that pass through HEPA and ULPA filters.

All Camfil molecular filters utilise a technique known as adsorption. In simple terms this means sticking the molecules onto materials with extremely high surface areas. Nearly all Camfil molecular filters use activated carbon or activated alumina as the active ingredient. Molecular filters are also sometimes known as chemical filters or gas phase filters.
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2-in-1 filters with combination media for particles and molecules.

Pleated or loose-filled box type molecular filters for installation in front or side access housings.

Pleated or loose-filled molecular filters with headers for installation with fasteners in standard frame work.

Use our adsorbent loose-fill canisters to remove high gas and vapour loads in HVAC systems.

Pleated or loose-filled panels.

Loose-filled deep bed products.

Loose adsorbents for control of molecular gaseous contamination.

The air quality monitors system allows you to monitor, track, report and improve the air quality in the building.

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