CamGT 3V-600

The CamGT 3V-600 is Camfil's flagship high efficiency particulate air filter engineered to maximize availability, reliability and profits for turbomachinery. It offers salt corrosion protection making it an excellent marine air filter and offshore wind turbine filter. It is suitable for all installations where safety/reliability is important, especially corrosive/humid/wet conditions.

  • Static air filter with longest filter life and the lowest initial and stable pressure drop
  • Easy mounting
  • Fully incinerable
  • Maximum availability and reliability
  • Better fuel efficiency leads to lower CO2 emissions per MWh, when using EPA grades
  • Hydrophobic EPA grades limit degradation such as fouling and corrosion
  • Suitable for high velocity applications and/or harsh environments
  • ICON34 gasket_01_00_10
  • ICON3 efficiency guarantee
  • ICON5 Low Pressure Drop
  • ICON7
  • ICON9 en1822
  • ICON15 LCC optimized
Item Type ISO 29461 ISO 16890 Filter Class EN779 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure drop Initial (Pa) Filter Class EN1822
CamGT 3V 600-T8-Std T8 ePM1 80% F8 592 592 600 4250 95
CAM GT 3V 600-T9-Std T9 ePM1 85% F9 592 592 600 4250 115
CamGT 3V 600-T10-Std T10 592 592 600 4250 135 E10
CamGT 3V 600-T11-Std T11 592 592 600 4250 140 E11
CAM GT 3V 600-T12-Std T12 592 592 600 4250 190 E12
CamGT 3VCB 600-T12-Std T12 592 592 600 4250 190 E12
CamGT 3V 600-T13-Std T13 592 592 600 4250 240 H13
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= Pa
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All installations where safety/reliability/long life/low resistance is critical, especially areas with high humidity/heavy rain
Pre- or final filter for gas turbines, large industrial air compressors, diesel & gas engines, generators & enclosures, wind turbines
Filter Frame
Plastic moulded, ABS
Glass fiber
Max temperature (°C)
Relative Humidity
Recommended final pressure drop
600 Pa
Polyurethane, endless foamed
Grille, Downstream
Support grid for filtermedia
Installation options
In a separate bank, from the upstream or downstream sides.
Can be close-coupled in a reverse-flow configuration
Max Airflow
1,8 x nominal flow
Additional product features:
Hydrophobic filter construction and media
High filtration efficiency (up to H13)
Original vertical pleats with interrupted hot melt separator
Sealed on all sides and featuring our patented double sealing process
Resistant to turbulence and extreme pressure drop
High burst strength >6250 Pa (>25")
Solid HEPA frame eliminates air bypass
Patented aerodynamic support grid for lower pressure drop
Optimized media area for the lowest pressure drop at EPA efficiency
Lowest operational pressure drop, even when wet, with patented built-in drainage
Largest media area for longest life or higher airflows application
Meets the industry’s most stringent requirements
Available in a reverse-flow configuration
Fire rating: Available according to DIN4102 class b2 rating on request
Reverse flow version: With support metal grid available on request.

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CamGT EPA Filters Boost Gas Turbine Performance

Hi-Flo bag air filters and CamGT EPA air filter upgrade reduces compressor efficiency degradation by 80%, slashes 3 offline filter replacements, 7 online pre-filter replacements, and 3 offline water washes per year.

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Say Goodbye to Fouling and Pressure Spikes!

Say Goodbye to Fouling and Pressure Spikes!

CamGT 3V-600 static final filters and Cam-Flo GT Hybrid pocket air filters eliminate 6 offline washes per year, improve gas turbine compressor efficiency, and boost power output for a Singaporean coastal cogeneration power plant.

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Retrofit of a Thailand Offshore Air Intake Filter System Improves gas turbine efficiency, Reduces Engine Degradation, Optimizes Turbine Maintenance, and Increases Uptime with high efficiency filters

Frequent pressure and short filter replacement intervals led to high operational costs. Camfil's Cam-Flo air intake pre-filters and CamGT EPA air filters met their goal of 8000 hours of life and reduced pressure drop by 50%.

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Whitepaper: Gas Turbine Hot Corrosion

Hot corrosion is a source of nonrecoverable degradation on gas turbines. It is a chemical reaction between salts, sulfur and heat, where the damages can reduce an engine’s life by up to 75%. One of the most effective methods is to eliminate the contaminants triggering the chemical reaction. This paper examines the causes of hot corrosion and assesses various methods of mitigation.

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Upgrade GT Filtration to Slash Carbon Emissions 

Upgrade your gas turbine air inlet filters to cut carbon emissions per MWh produced.

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Infographic: TurboBoost Performance - Boost power • Boost uptime • boost profits

CamGT filters have been engineered to excel in extreme environments. They virtually eliminate fouling, corrosion and maintenance downtime, all at a lower and more stable pressure drop.

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Infographic - The easiest way to select air filters for gas turbines

Designed to help identify filters that improve gas turbine efficiency, The Value Rating system is the easiest way to select air filter for gas turbines.

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TurboBoost: CamGT Filter Line

The CamGT air filter line has been turbo-boosted to maximize power, profits, and uptime of your gas turbine.

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Gas Turbines Breathe New Life

Camfil designs a static EPA retrofit gas turbine filtration solution for LM6000 turbines to ensure they deliver reliable power & heating to the district. The result of the upgrade was 3x more filter life, reduction in CO2 emissions by 1 100 tons per year, and fuel consumption savings of 650 000 Sm3 per year.

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Engie Midlothian Air Intake Retrofit Means No Filter Change-Out for 3 years for 6 Alstom Gas Turbines 

Camfil provides the CamGT EPA air filter solution that helps reduce gas turbine compressor efficiency degradation and improves pressure drop by 40%. Three years after installation, the customer reported no filter change-outs, only 1 water wash in 3 years, and a low and stable pressure drop.

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A Pacific Coast Energy Plant Operates Corrosion-Free with Stable Output After Corrosion Tests Show the Benefits of EPA filters

An energy plant on the pacific coast upgrades their Siemens 501F gas turbine filtration to the CamGT 4V-300 air intake filters after tests show its water and salt handling capabilities.

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An LNG Plant with high availability & reliability requirements upgrades to the CamGT EPA filters

Air sampling, CamLab on-site analysis, as well as a Life Cycle Cost analysis show that the CamGT EPA filters will result in no shutdowns for turbine water washes, final filter shutdown extended to 5 years, decreased risk of corrosion and maximum power output.

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Combined Cycle Plant installs a CamLab on-site for 3 months to test filters & LCC shows $900 000 USD savings over a 6-year timeframe

Egat North, the largest energy producer in Thailand, upgraded to Hi-Flo and CamClose air intake pre-filters as well as CamGT final EPA air filters and lowered degradation by 70%, reduced water wash requirements, and saved approximately $1.24M USD per year.

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EGAT North Power Generation Shifted to CamGT Filters and Saved $1.24M USD in Yearly Power Degradation

Egat North, the largest energy producer in Thailand, upgraded to Hi-Flo and CamClose air intake pre-filters as well as CamGT final EPA air filters and lowered degradation by 70%, reduced water wash requirements, and saved approximately $1.24M USD per year.

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Whitepaper: Cutting the carbon cost with improved air inlet systems 

With a growing demand for greener practices, and rising operational costs, it has become imperative that gas turbine operators cut their carbon footprints. Upgraded air intake systems are one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to meet these demands, while improving operations at the same time.

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Camfil Designs a Compact Solutions on Existing Offshore Platform for Foxtrot International that Reduces Gas Turbine Maintenance

Located offshore Ivory Coast, Africa, the CamGT EPA filter solution saves Foxtrot International 3 shutdowns per year and eliminates salt corrrosion, without compromising on footprint.

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CamGT static filters reduce noise & bring additional profits due to lower pressure drop

Noise complaints from neighboring communities in Thailand prompted the plants to evaluate a noise-reducing filtration system. The CamGT high efficiency air filter solution not only improved the noise levels, it also increased turbine availability, improved pressure drop and helped the gas turbine produce more power.

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Dalkia Power Saves €172 000 / season with Camfil E10 EPA Filters

Dalkia, a leader in the French gas turbine market, launched a national comparative test for various air intake filters, including Camfil's Hi-Flo pre-filters and CamGT EPA filters, to increase power production for their 10 GE LM6000 gas turbines.

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Tata Power Trombay retrofits their filtration system to improve corrosion, pressure drop, and diverter dampers within deadline

Tata Power Ltd, India's largest integrated power company requests Camfil for a Cam-Flo pocket bag filter and CamGT static air filter retrofit after heavy hot corrosion in the gas turbine and high pressure drop jeopardized performance and safety.

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