CamGT is a compact, vertically pleated high-efficiency EPA filter used in turbomachinery and gas turbine air intake systems where low operational pressure drop and reliability are important.

The construction of CamGT features patented vertical pleats with hot-melt separators for drainage. The hydrophobic filter media packs are bonded to the inner surface of a robust plastic frame that features patented double sealing to eliminate bypass. A reinforced frame with a solid header ensures 100% leak-free performance. The vertical pleats and open separators allow trapped water to drain freely from the filter during operation, thus avoiding re-entrainment of dissolved impurities and maintaining low pressure drop under wet and high humidity conditions.

Each filter grade is individually optimised for lowest pressure drop and maximum life. A polyurethane gasket is permanently fixed to the filter frame, limiting the risk of filter leakage during installation.

The CamGT filters eliminate bypass air, extend turbine life, prevent fouling and corrosion, reduce maintenance costs and reduce gas turbine CO2 emissions per MWh when using EPA filters. They are suitable for all installations where safety and reliability are important, including corrosive and wet/high humidity conditions.

Filter class: T7 - T13

CamGT filters are tested for efficiency in accordance with the latest standard for air filters including ISO 29461-1:2021. Older standards available on demand.