Aeropleat - Standard panel filter for AHU and Ventilation


Suitable as a prefilter in two-stage filtration systems and can also be used in small air handling units, roof-top applications and other stand-alone systems. Optimize the balance between the initial filter cost and its lifetime. 

The AeroPleat family consists of three products:
AeroPleat Eco with a moisture-resistant cardboard frame
AeroPleat G with plastic frame
AeroPleat Metal with galvanized steel frame

This prefilter is characterized by low initial pressure drop even at high airflows. Depending on the outdoor air, the AeroPleat can last up to 4 months in ODA1 and ODA2 and up to 2 months in ODA3 conditions. Equipped with corrosion-resistant wire backing, the media can withstand high airflows and humid applications.

Full module standard size: 592x592 mm.
Standard depth: 48 and 96 mm.
Available in many different sizes. For more information, see product information.
Frame material: moisture-resistant cardboard with diagonal support, plastic, or galvanized steel.
Media: Synthetic.

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