PHARMACEUTICAL Dust Extractor Units  

In pharmaceutical workplaces

Protection Against  Dust & Potent Compounds

Protection Against Pharmaceutical Processes That Produce Dust & Potent Compounds Pharmaceutical plants are generally a safe environment to work in. However, with regards to pharmaceutical dusts/compounds the risks are much more severe due to the nature of the potent materials used in products. This includes compounds such as, toxic or allergenic properties of the compound as it relates to personnel exposure and the explosion properties of the compound.  Our team of Camfil experts understand, the toxilogical properties of the materials, reviewing the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) and performing a risk-based exposure evaluation to determine the methods for proper control. In most cases, Camfil APC recommends a HEPA secondary polishing system. With HEPA backup systems after the dust collector, recirculation of the filter air back into the HVAC system is possible. This can significantly reduce energy costs while providing the necessary level of filtration for discharge air required by the EPA. 
  •  Tablet presses 
  •  Tablet coating
  •  Fluid bed drying
  •  Spray drying
  •  Blending
  •  Granulation
  •  General room ventilation
  •  House and high-vacuum systems

Gold Series Camtain

CamtainGold Series (GS) Camtain dust collectors are the industry's most durable and dependable, so they minimize production line stops. They can be used in a variety of pharmaceutical dust collection applications and are ideal for high-efficiency filtration that doesn't require product reuse. GS collectors exceed OSHA mandates for factory air quality, and when equipped with a Camfil explosion vent, they offer the highest explosion protection in accordance with NFPA and ATEX standards. The GS Camtain dust collection system has been independently surrogate tested for validated performance verification. Camfil APC has installed dust collectors in pharmaceutical manufacturing locations in North, South and Central America, Asia, and Europe

Quad plus

This small footprint dust collector can be positioned on the production floor or suite. It uses a segmented cleaning process to keep the primary filter cartridge operating continuously so manufacturing is not interrupted. The unit reduces energy costs by cleaning filters at low pressure. A secondary HEPA filter provides 99.995% filtration efficiency to capture the finest dust particles. The QPP also features pressure-resistant construction, built-in NFPA and ATEX-compliant explosion protection, integrated fan, quiet operation and bag-in/bag-out filter change-out option.
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