Quad Pulse Package II

The dust collector Quad Pulse Package II handles hazardous dusts from pharmaceutical and chemical processes with medium-sized air volumes from 1,000 up to 3,000 m³/h (590 – 1,765 cfm ). Therefore the dust collection system includes two filter cartridges, operating with the quad pulse cleaning system which pulses one quadrant at a time so that the dust collector is always online and air flow is never interrupted.

  • Compact design
  • Clean online without interrupting operations
  • Easy installation
  • Bag-in/bag-out safe-change for filter and dust discharge
  • Integrated explosion protection
  • ATEX certified
  • HV-applications



Tabletting, filling, coating, granulating, drying, mixing, blending, packaging, central vacuum.

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A Containment1

Containment solutions ensure that dust doesn’t escape during normal operation and routine maintenance

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API´s) create a number of challenges for pharma manufacturers and their production processes. The API’s create very fine dusts and often high solvent concentrations during the product handling and manufacturing processes. This fine dusts pose the greatest risk to the worker’s health, with harmful particles being retained in the lungs. That´s why effective filtration is required combined with containment solutions to ensure the dust doesn’t escape during normal operation as well as during routine maintenance like filter changes or waste dust disposal.

Life science and healthcare
Gold Series Camtain Pharma Dust Collector_2.jpg

Exposure and explosion risks in the pharmaceutical workplace

In many instances, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing involves the handling and processing of powder or granular ingredients, many of which have exposure or explosion risks attached when in dust form. A comprehensive risk assessment of each and every application is essential before evaluating the appropriate dust control solution.

Life science and healthcare

hazard analysis & dust testing help you to fully understand the application & the processed ingredients

To mitigate exposure and explosion risks in pharmaceutical workspaces, you have to fully understand the application and the processed ingredients. Dust testing and a hazard analysis will provide more specific information about particle size and explosive properties of your dust and thereby to determine the right extraction solution for your needs.

Life science and healthcare