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What is a Lunch and learn event

An educational training that takes place on customer sites. These training events usually take place just before lunch time, with Camfil providing lunch. These events take place on customer premises to avoid any workplace disruption and reduce travel time allowances

Lunch and Learn Programme

At Camfil  we offer our clients and customers tailored training programs to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest Air Filtration standards and innovations. These tailor made training sessions can be conducted in either our customer premises or in your local Camfil office.

Camfils lunch and learn program has been designed to limit the work place disruption that can occur from other training sessions. The lunch and learn training sessions last between 40 minutes to one and a half hours depending on what our clients have chosen as subjects for their training program. This training is usually conducted before lunch break with Camfil providing lunch for all attendees of the training.

To sign up for Camfils Lunch and Learn program please fill in the form below highlighting the topics your team would benefit from as well as choosing the type of lunch that is preferable to your team. 

The Camfil Lunch and Learn program is designed for teams that utilize HVAC systems or work within clean room environments. After registration a Camfil representative will contact you to arrange the lunch and learn program and understand your air filtration educational requirements

Created Tuesday 14 May 2019
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