Removing Food odours
Industrial odour removal

Removing Food Odours

Created Monday 21 August 2023

In certain environments the aroma of foods are used to enhance the diner experience. In other food processing environments food odours can be seen as a nuisance to both the general public and employees. Often in large commercial kitchens and Industrial food production sites, odours need to be removed to ensure the risk of odour complaints from your industrial exhaust air application is reduced. Listen as our expert talk about how Camfil can support your business remove these odours.

Can we remove food odours

Onion and spices are the main food ingredients that often can be a concern to food producers. In "Ready cooked meal" preparation facilities these can often be used in large quantities. Learn how our customer upgraded their exhaust air system to help ensure that the odours where captured before the air impacted the surrounding community.

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