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The spa and beauty salon market has been resilient last few decades and continued to grow. But, COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions have changed the customer outlook and it is one of the most negatively hit businesses. Though in many countries, salons and barber shops are operational but with very rigid protocols and standards. In barber shops or the salon industry, touch is inevitable, therefore, they need a controlled clean, and positive environment. Air is the most crucial aspect of being indoors and being susceptible to harmful pathogens in a closed environment calls for reflecting actions.
When hygiene is of paramount concern, Camfil air purifiers can rescue your business and can ensure clean, safe indoor air for your staff and customers.

What can Camfil's air purifiers do in a salon/barber shop?

  • Scanned tested H13 filters ensuring 99.95% filtration efficiency, enhanced air quality
  • Odour removal through molecular filtration layer
  • Removal of airborne particulates, viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Protecting the health of people in large rooms with no additional cost on the ventilation system

THE CUSTOMER - The story of BOXX Barber Shop began in 1996. Boxx barber started as a music shop, bringing great music and concert tickets to their customers. They regularly welcomed rock royalty from Ireland, The United Kingdom, and musicians from all over the World. In 2008 they opened their first barber shop intending to bring quality male grooming to their clients while maintaining their Rock n’ Roll roots. With the same tone and clientele, they opened their second shop just five minutes from the 3 Arena in the heart of Dublin’s Docklands.

Boxx Barber Shop defines themselves with passion. Their dedicated team of professional barbers are top of their craft and will take their time with you so your needs are met with minimum fuss.

THE SITUATION - During the COVID-19 pandemic safety precautions needed to be put into place to help, not only protect their staff but also their customers from the spread of viruses. Following government guidelines, Boxx barber shops introduced sectioning screens, social distancing, and face masks to their daily operations. Understanding the importance of protecting customer and staff health, Boxx barber shop contacted Camfil to understand what air quality recommendations can do to help increase the protection of their customers and staff. Like most barber shops and hair salons, Boxx barber had little to no ventilation so increasing air changes through outdoor air supply was not an option.

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To help improve air quality and protect customer and staff health, the City M air purifier was recommended. The City M air purifier is sized to deal with spaces 50m2, so was ideal for the barber shop. These units were placed in two of their shops for additional protection. The City M units are designed to increase air changes within the barber shop while reducing the particulate levels, to help reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission. Using the H13 HEPA filter the City M air Cleaner will remove 99.95% of the airborne particles that pass through the unit, ensuring a clean and safe environment for Boxx barber.

“Our staff and customer safety has always been a priority to us. After talking with Camfil we understood the importance of clean air to our barbers. We are happy with the recommendations and solutions offered by Camfil."     Declan Moloney (owner Boxx barber shop)
Created Monday, November 9, 2020