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Created Thursday, July 22, 2021

Every building has different challenges to consider when choosing the right air filtration systems to protect their people, their products and the environment. prEN16798-3:2021 is an upgraded standard that helps companies choose the right air filtration solution for not just supply air applications but also to address recirculation air requirements and give recommendations of when molecular filtrations solutions need to be considered 

Outdoor air (ODA) quality classification 

The quality of the air outside of your building has a big impact on the levels of air filtration required to protect your people, products and processes from potentially harmful pollutants. The outdoor air classification system is divided into three categories and are all based in correlation to the World Health Organisations guidelines for safe outdoor air levels. There are many NGO websites that allow you to find your local ODA value or air pollution levels.

Defining your Outdoor Air (ODA) Value​

Classifying your Supply air requirements

The function of your building is also included in the new prEN16798-3:2021. In this standard they give 5 different classifications to where your building fits between. These classifations are divided between SUP1 to SUP5. A key not from the prEN16798 standard shows us that any commercial building that has people in the building will require a minimum ePM1 filter no matter where the location is.

Defining your Supply Air (SUP) Requirements 2
Defining your Supply Air (SUP) Requirements 1
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Recirculation air requirements

A new Annex to the prEN16798 standard focusses around recirculation air requirements for buildings. Due to the threat of viruses and bacteria that are more commonly spread through recirculation air systems, a new classification of these systems has been established. Now all recirculation air systems are graded according to their effectiveness against the spread of airborne contaminants such as viruses and Bacteria. This classification grades the recirculation air systems from RCA1 (Very effective against viruses and Bacteria) to RCA 6 (no effect)

Recirculation air chart