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Auto Body Shop

Working on clean air: A third-generation auto body shop takes action on workplace health concerns and in return reaps major benefits from its investment. 


Founded back in 1971, this third-generation family-owned auto body repair shop had a reputation as the best in their area. The body shop repairs the exteriors of foreign and domestic vehicles as well as motorcycles, specializing in classic and specialty cars.


After three generations of working together, the family members running this business had formed a strong bond. Understanding the poor health conditions that result from daily exposure to shop dust, smoke and fumes, the founder and founder's son realized they needed to reduce the risks for the third-generation family member, their grandson and son, now also working in an environment that produces heavy loads of contaminants. Dedicated to the success of the family business, the grandson is determined to continue the local business understanding his grandparents' and parents' concern about his continuous exposure to fumes, paint overspray, metal and composite dust, and welding fumes. Both the grandfather and father were always concerned about their own health, and decided it was time to take control of the air quality in their facility. After researching different options, the family turned to Camfil for help and solutions.

Industrial air cleaner GETS THE JOB DONE

In 2015, a Camfil air filtration specialist contacted the auto body shop concurrently with the introduction of Camfil’s new ductless air cleaner, the industrial air cleaner Horizontal 2000. Equipped with a Hi-Flo ES bag filter, ideal for capturing ambient processing dust and welding fumes, the industrial air cleaner was recommended. The body shop also faced the need to capture welding smoke directly at the source and the versatility to capture the smoke wherever the welding was taking place. In combination with the industrial air cleaner for the ambient contaminants, Camfil's APC Zephyr III portable dust collector with source capture hood was also recommended.

An air filter in an auto body shop
“Improved quality, shortened  production times & less equipment maintenance outweighs our investment.


The shop is now one of the cleanest body shops in the area. The three generations quickly realized the health and operational benefits achieved, and say that their clean air outweighs the costs of the industrial air cleaner and Zephyr III.

  • Health of the staff drastically improved since the installation of Camfil's air cleaners.
  • Finished products have a higher level of quality.
  • Shorter production times.
  • General housekeeping and cleaning were slashed, and equipment and tools last longer with less required maintenance. 
A mobile and stationary air cleaner for auto body shops
Created Thursday, August 9, 2018