GigaPleat NXPH

A V-Cell type molecular filter with a plastic frame fitted with high cleanliness embedded adsorbents for removal of VOCs, acids, and bases. Ideal for cleanroom make-up air units and air recirculation units with specific single type contaminant requirements

  • Low pressure drop
  • Low weight
  • Incinerable
  • Low outgassing components
  • High media cleanliness
  • Predicted removal efficiency and lifetime by Camfil's proprietary software
  • Typical target gases: VOCs, acids, bases, ozone
  • ICON6 Molecular
Item Type Pollutant Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure drop Average (Pa)
NXPH B Bases 592 592 292 3300 50
NXPH B Bases 592 287 292 1600 50
NXPH A Acids 592 592 292 3300 60
NXPH A Acids 592 287 292 1600 60
NXPH V Organics 592 592 292 3300 60
NXPH V Organics 592 287 292 1600 60


Clean room recirculation air, clean room make up air
Filter Frame
Plastic moulded
Activated Carbon, Impregnated Activated Carbon
Max temperature (°C)
Relative Humidity
30% - 70%
Recommended final pressure drop
Not a particulate filter. Molecular filters' initial pressure drop equals their final pressure drop. Consult with factory on end-of-life analysis.
Polyurethane, EPDM
Particle cleanliness
ISO Class 6
Gasket position: 01- downstream, 10 - upstream
Outgassing: Individually outgassing tested for VOC emissions on request

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