CamContain- Safe Change filter housing for toxic compounds


The gastight welded filter housing can be used for air filtration of radioactive, toxic or biological particles and gases in highly sensitive application.

The filter housings have been designed to meet the highest safety demands, used in applications where people, animals or the environment are endangered by highly infectious microorganisms. High safety demands apply to all situations in which toxic, radioactive or bacterial substances must be isolated, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, with the use of biotechnical equipment as well as in BSL 3-4 laboratories and nuclear power engineering. To ensure a complete documentation of your air filtration, most notably in highly sensitive areas, the CamContain housing can be supplied with an integrated scanner. The HEPA filter can be tested on-site for separation efficiency and any leaks, and the results professionally documented. For applications in which dangerous microorganisms must be filtered out (BSL 3-4), the housing can be equipped with connections and devices for safe decontamination. What is more, the maintenance bag replacement technology guarantees additional safety for the operator. The CamContain housings made of stainless steel are gas-tight welded, torsion-resistant and compliant with the highest tightness requirements, which are also commonly used in nuclear power plant engineering.

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