Hi Flo - Low Energy Bag filters for HVAC applications


Our Hi-Flo filters feature an optimised design for high performance. The products and production machines are developed in house, and extensive testing is done to achieve the best possible performance.

The Hi-Flo series brings you energy-efficient ventilation filters with unique performance standards and a wide area of use. Hi-Flo filters are designed to fit all kinds of commercial and industrial HVAC installations. They clean the air from particles and improve indoor air quality and workplace conditions.
When air flows as freely as possible through the pockets of an air filter, with low resistance, the filter will perform better. In Hi-Flo, this is achieved with perfectly conical pockets and a developed seam design and stitching technique. This bag construction distributes air over the entire filter surface for maximum use of the filter media. The filter bags have a tapered shape and will not touch the top or bottom of the air handling unit.
The filter media have been developed to lower the energy costs of HVAC systems. The initial pressure drop is low and will have a flat curve development over time. Particle efficiency meets requirements according to the European standard EN779:2012 and ISO 16890 for IAQ. All these features considerably reduce the life cycle cost of Hi-Flo filters. The Hi-Flo family is a Eurovent-certified and P-marked.

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