Megalam HEPA panel Filter - For Cleanroom applications


Megalam ProSafe and FabSafe are the most efficient, energy-saving HEPA and ULPA filter panels especially made for turbulent and laminar airflow applications in high-tech cleanrooms, clean benches and clean air devices.

These filters are used in a huge range of industries requiring a strict controlled environment. Megalam is available from class H13 to U17, with an MPPS of 99.5% to 99.999995%. The media is pleated using our patented controlled media spacing (CMS™) technology for optimal airflow and best media performance. Together with intermediate hot-melt separators, this ensures uniform pleat spacing and the ability to form a rigid self-supported media pack. The media pack is permanently sealed to the filter frame of the module with a solid polyurethane sealant.

The frame is made from heavy-duty, lightweight anodized aluminium with corner clips for module durability and long-term integrity. Several filter gasket options include endless polyurethane, poron, neoprene, EDPM, PU seal and silicone seal.

Each filter is tested and certified to CGMP standard, and is individually scan-tested to EN 1822 for airflow, resistance and efficiency and serialized on the product label.

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