Gold Series Camtain - Dust Collectos for Pharmaceutical Dust extraction

Gold Series Camtain

The dust collector designed specifically for pharmaceutical and containment applications.

The Gold Series (GS) Camtain units can be used in a variety of pharmaceutical dust collector applications, including tablet presses, coating, fluid bed drying, spray drying, blending, granulation and general room ventilation. The GS Camtain is perfect for high-efficiency filtration where recovery of the product is not required. Safe-change containment systems are available for both the filter cartridges and discharge system underneath the collector. The cartridge change utilizes the safe-change filter replacement method while the discharge uses continuous liner technology. The GS Camtain can also support traditional dust collection for nuisance dusts and fumes that do not require full isolation and containment. Camfil APC has containment dust collectors for pharmaceutical applications in North, South, and Central America, Asia and Europe.

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