Eurovent 4/23 - choosing the right air filter

Created Tuesday 27 April 2021

How should you decide on the correct filter choice for a facility? In Europe, the Eurovent 4/23 standard helps people easily choose the right air filter based on two key parameters: the outdoor air value (based on WHO guidelines), and the type of building or activities done in the building. Eurovent 4/23 provides recommendations on the minimum air filtration level for buildings to help protect their occupants against harmful airborne contaminants.

Defining the Outdoor Air (ODA) Value

Outdoor air quality is defined based on the World Health Organisations air quality regulations. Determining the type of location a building is in will help provide simple guidance on the level of filtration that is required at a facility. In areas where there is a low ODA value, this means that a lower minimum level of filtration is required. There are many NGO websites that present live air-quality readings at different locations.

Defining Supply Air (SUP) Requirements

Understanding the supply air requirements for a building is best understood by the type of building and the activities performed in the building. Eurovent 4/23 has created an easy supply air (SUP) guide that enables you to determine a building's requirements based on one of five key categories, as illustrated in the figure below. 

Minimum Filtration requirements

When the outdoor air (ODA) value and supply air (SUP) value have been confirmed, Eurovent 4/23 provides a valuable table for calculating the minimum filtration efficiency for a building.
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