Hospital AHU Inspection
According to HTM03-01

Hospital AHU inspection and Verification according to HTM 03-01

Our mission is to help hospitals achieve the required levels of Indoor air quality to ensure protection of patient health from airborne particles and diseases. Our nationwide team ensures that hospitals around the country have reliant support to ensure their air handling systems are fully compliant in accordance with HTM 03-01 guidelines.

About our AHU Assessment

Compliance to healthcare filtration standards

During our HTM 03-01 annual inspection we will verify that the filtration used within your AHU meets healthcare requirements. These checks will include

  • All HVAC filters are certified to ISO16890
  • All HVAC filters have associated energy rating labels
  • HEPA filters are factory tested and certified to EN1822:2009 standard
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Ahu component performance inspection

Our thorough AHU inspection conforms with all risk factors identified in the HTM 03-01 Part B guide for AHU inspections. Our full report will highlight opertational efficiencies of your system, while identifying solutions for any areas of concern

  • No filter frame/filter bypass within your system
  • Assessment of fan-drive trains and motorised dampers
  • Ensuring components are compliant with the required standards
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Corrosion and water build up monitoring

A build up of water in your AHU could lead to possible legionella contamination, which is a high risk to hospitals. 
Our AHU inspection will highlight any areas in which water is an  issue within your system. Our report will flag and colour code any areas of concern so immediate action can be taken by your hospital. Corrosion issues within your system can be identified to ensure your system remains operational.
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Dedicated and trained professionals

Our team is made up of qualified APV (Authorised Person Ventilation) and CPV (Competent Person Ventilation) in accordance to the HTM 03-01 guidelines. Our pre-audit inspection service is designed to put your mind at ease. We will work with you to achieve the required standards for indoor air quality in order to protect patients and staff. 
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Created Thursday 23 January 2020
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