Dust Control for Food and Beverage facilities

Food and Beverage dust control

Dust extraction systems are used in the Food and Beverage Industry to reduce the affects of dust in your facility. They are designed to help protect your people, products and processes from internal contaminants that are generated in the production.

We serve nearly all sectors of Food and Beverage manufacturing such as, Dairy processing, Food processing, Beverage production, Fruit and Vegetable production. We offer a wide range of products designed for the highest quality, safety & traceability requirements within the food and beverage industry. Dust collectors reduce the risk of combustible dust that can collect on floors and other surfaces, and they confine the dust in one area. However, dust collectors can be a fire or explosion hazard if they are designed incorrectly or not equipped with controls that prevent deflagration and contain explosions. These controls include fire resistant cartridges, sprinkler connections, explosion vents, suppression systems, and backdraft dampers.
Common Dusts and concerns
  • Cereal ingredients
  • Spices
  • Eggshell & Dust
  • Sugar dust
  • Allergens
  • Flours
  • Corn Starches
  • Hygroscopic Dust
  • Feed and raw grain agricultural products
  • Safety Considerations

    • A clean facility is vital for worker and visitor safety. Prevention of slips and falls are a main concern for anyone running a business. Keeping fleeting dust contained minimizes the risk of slippery floors.
    • Some ingredients are allergens/irritants another serious concern for those who are affected. Airborne allergen/irritants particles could cause serious illness and even death if ingested continuously or at high levels.

    Combustible Dust

    Flours, sugar dust, milk powder, peanut dust, soft-drink additives powder, corn starch and other starches can be explosive. All Camfil APC dust collectors safely contain combustible dusts and are equipped with deflagration controls. The dangers of combustible dust explosions in the food industry have been known for many years.


    The Gold Series X-Flo dust collector (GSX) performs well in applications where dry materials are batch mixed, conveyed and processes. The Gold Series offers high performance, a modular design, ease of service, and an optional bag-in, bag-out filter change out. Constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel to meet the demands of your application, the GSX has unparalleled strength and life compared to the competition. Coupled with Gold Cone™ X-Flo vertical cartridge technology, the GSX offers superior pulsing of high-loading dust while simultaneously utilizing the smallest floor space of any dust collector available today

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