hemipleat technology

Longer-lasting, high-efficiency filter catridges

hemipleat filters capture & release more pollutants when pulse-cleaned

Created Wednesday 23 August 2023

HemiPleat is, in short, the uniquely, patented media pleating technology Camfil use to create highly efficient filter cartridges that outlast and outperform competitors alternatives.

hemipleat: state-of-the-art filter technology

Pleats made with HemiPleat technology are uniform across the entire media and are held open instead of pressed together. Opening the pleats ensures that the entire filter surface is usable media. The techniques we use to manufacture the media packs of our filter cartridges are unique and patented.

We use synthetic beads to hold the pleats of the cartridge open which exposes more media to the airstream and creates a longer-lasting, higher efficiency filter cartridge.

HemiPleat media lowers a filter’s pressure drop and facilitates a better release of dust and fume particles during the pulse cleaning process. Furthermore using less compressed air and lowering the energy demand of the fan motor will save you money.

features & benefits

  • 100% media usage
  • Optimised dust release during pulse cleaning 
  • Improved airflow dynamics
  • Reduced average pressure drop over lifetime
  • Lower compressed air consumption
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Extended operational lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to less filter changes
  • High operational availability of the dust collector
  • Less waste disposal costs

hemipleat engineered - sometimes less is more

retrofit filters with hemipleat technology

hemipleat filters - proven performance

  • Our filter cartridges made with HemiPleat technology have been independently tested multiple times in the lab. Those tests show that HemiPleat technology greatly enhances pulse-jet cleaning.
  • Filter cartridges with HemiPleat technology capture more air pollutants and release more of those pollutants when pulsed, resulting in a safer, cleaner work environment with less maintenance.
  • HemiPleat technology provides the lowest initial pressure drop and the lowest average pressure drop throughout the lifetime of the filter.

Pressure Drop vs. Filtration Rate

Pleat construction vs. Pulse Timing

test results

For filters made with HemiPleat technology, tests showed that:

  • HemiPleat filters have a lower pressure drop for a given airflow. 
  • Compared to filters without HemiPleat technology, HemiPleat filters hold a larger volume of dust before needing to be cleaned. 
  • There is more usable media available for filtration in HemiPleat filters.
  • Dust is ejected from deep within the HemiPleat filters during pulsing.

hemipleat technology is available for own brand and retrofit filters

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