Clean Air in Hotel Rooms
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Air Cleaners for Hotels

Does your hotel offer air Quality protection
Protecting staff and guests from contaminants such as dust, pollen and airbourne microbes has never been more important. Increasing clean air supply within your hotel lobbies, rooms and restaurants can help protect your guests from these contaminants

Good Indoor air quality can help protect your guests and staff health. In most hotels the HVAC system will help introduce clean air into your building but how can you protect from contaminants that are generated or spread from within your building? Watch this video to see how you can add extra measures to help protect your guests and staff from Indoor contaminants such as Dust, Pollen and Airbourne Microbes and Viruses

Air Cleaners in Hotels

Did you know that 1 in 8 of your guests potentially have respiratory illnesses or allergies. Controlling the air they breathe in their hotel room can help stop these allergies from being triggered by dust particles in the air. Camfil work with a range of hotels to ensure the air introduced into hotel rooms is high quality ensuring a positive hotel experience for guests

Air Cleaners for your Hotel rooms

Camfil Air Cleaners have been designed to ensure optimal air cleaning levels. Using a combination of EN1822 certified HEPA filters and Molecular media ensures optimal air quality

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