• Economical design
  • Simplified filter maintenance : no tools
  • Control ports from room side
  • For pressure drop and integrity
  • High airflow per unit
  • Versatile air diffusion possibilities
  • Non-unidirectional airflow for clean room
  • Interchangeable grids
  • Tool-free access to filter
  • Damper adjustable from room side
  • ICON24 magicad
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
CSL-3P3-LS-C160 392 392 362
CSL-3P3-LS-C160D 392 392 362


Turbulent airflow clean rooms and hospitals
Installation options
CamSeal housing
Installation: In T bar grid, suspended or fixed by brace
Construction: Plenum : galvanized steel ; clean part : white painted RAL9010 oven backed
For filters: Megalam MG HFC HD high airflow HEPA panels
Mounting of filters: Clamping device with gasket compression limitation
Pressure drop: 1 standard, access from room side
Connection: By collar on lateral side or superior
Damper: Adjustable from room side
Options: Swirl, perforated flush, adjustable vanes or 4 way grids to be ordered separately
Note: All grids are hinged
Closure: Instant magnetic studs
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