Nuclear systems

Nuclear systems

Originally our air filters had been developed for the Nuclear Industry. Since then we have grown our portfolio to ensure that we can service the needs of our nuclear customers not only through the filters but also the containment systems and mobile filtration units

All our housings and air filters are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with local and international testing standards. Through the purchase of MC Air Filtration we have broadened our portfolio to ensure our clients can come to Camfil for all their nuclear filtration needs

Isolation Dampers are an essential part of any ventilation system where possible air contamination exists.

We produce a comprehensive range of mobile filtration units which are used as temporary or semi-permanent stand alone ventilation systems. These filtration units consist of a filter housing (with monitoring points and vent filter), isolation dampers, fan unit and control panel.

We have developed an extensive range of filter housings, both fixed and mobile, for use in many applications.

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