Air Screens | Filter Screens to remove debris from AHU

Air Intake Screens

Camfil Air Intake Screens are long-lasting, weather-resistant, easy-clean external mesh filters which stop debris such as pollen, leaves, insects and litter before it can enter and clog coils and internal components of air handling units, chillers, dry air coolers, cooling towers and air conditioning units.

Fouling caused by airborne debris restricts the movement of air, which means that plant uses more energy to operate at the required airflow and frequent maintenance is needed, plus the risk of breakdown is increased. Available with standard and fine mesh grades to suit site conditions, Camfil Air Intake Screens can be quickly installed to most HVAC plant as each one is individually made-to-measure. Maintenance time and costs are greatly reduced as accumulated debris is easily seen and the screens can be cleaned in minutes using a soft brush, vacuum or hose. Time-consuming, costly and potentially damaging coil cleaning is eliminated or significantly reduced. Multiple mounting options are available.
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