Industrial Dry Dust And Fume Collectors

Dry Dust & Fume Collectors

Dry dust and fume collectors extract and filter exhaust air from various industrial processes, using a reverse pulse jet of compressed air to clean the separated particles from the filter elements.

Dust and fume collectors are cleanable filtration solutions which are mostly used when the concentration of air pollution in a facility is at or above 0.05 mg/m³ and a stationary filter leads to short filter life.

A dust collector is typically connected to a specific process or a centralised extraction system. The process exhaust air is routed through ductwork to the dust collector and through the filter elements where the particles get separated from the airstream. The filter elements get pulse-cleaned, and the separated particles fall through a hopper into a suitable dust collection bin. The cleaned air can be exhausted to the atmosphere or it may need to be additionally filtered by a HEPA filter stage for recirculation and potential energy saving.

The heart of any dust and fume collector is the filter elements which are an important factor regarding the separation efficiency as well as the energy consumption of the entire extraction system. Camfil offers a wide range of filter media providing specific properties to guarantee the best results on different applications and dust types.

Camfil´s range of dust and fume collectors is designed to perform on a wide variety of challenging industrial applications, handling harmful, combustible dust and fumes including fine, fibrous, abrasive or heavy dust loads from small to large air volumes.

The dust collectors can be tailored to meet the specific demands of our customers' manufacturing processes. Optional explosion protection or containment systems are available in order to provide the necessary required safety.
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