Industrial Air Purifiers for commercial sites | HEPA carbon filters

Industrial air cleaners

Camfil Industrial Air Cleaners are the ideal solution for Air Quality problems within your facility. By using Certified HEPA and Molecular filtration, Camfil air cleaners not only remove dust particles but also odours and gases.

In Commercial Buildings such as Manufacturing plants, Hospitals, Warehouses and Food and Beverage Production facilities, air quality issues can not be solved by Air Purifiers that have been developed for your home environment. Camfil Air Cleaners have been specially designed for Commercial environments. With larger dust holding capacities than other Air Cleaners, we guarantee performance and product life. Camfil Air Cleaners use HEPA filters and Fine Filters that have been developed for your HVAC system and adhere to all the standards required. Camfil Air Cleaners are designed to supplement your HVAC system to not only protect your people, products and processes but also Reduce Energy Consumption.
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