Megalam ProSafe

  • Globally most used Hepa panel
  • Long life time
  • Individually scantested
  • Prosafe certified:
  • Compliant to VDI 6022
  • Microbial inert components acc. to ISO 846
  • Tested for food safety acc. to EC 1935:2004
  • Free of bisphenol-A, phthalate and formaldehyde
  • Chemically resistant to inactivation and cleaning agent
  • Manufactured and packed in a controlled environment
  • ICON9 en1822
  • ICON20 prosafe
Item Type Filter Class EN1822 Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure drop Initial (Pa)
MD13- 305x610-10/22 H13 305 610 66 301 116
MD13- 610x610-10/22 H13 610 610 66 603 115
MD13- 914x610-10/22 H13 915 610 66 903 114
MD13- 1219x610-10/22 H13 1220 610 66 1205 114
MD13- 610x610x76-11/22 H13 610 610 78 603 118



Hepa/ULPA filter for clean rooms and LAF benches
Extruded anodized aluminium
Glass fiber
Max temperature (°C)
70 °C
Relative Humidity
Recommended final pressure drop
2x Initial pressure drop
Silicone Gel, Seamless PU foamed gasket
Grille, Downstream
Expanded metal painted (RAL 9010)
Grille, Upstream
Expanded metal painted (RAL 9010)
Max Airflow
Can be calculated on request
Max. final pressure drop
MD: 500 Pa, MX: 600 pa, MG:800 Pa
All filter tested acc. to EN 1822 with individual protocol and packed in PE-film. Compliant with Prosafe** requirements. Other editions on request.

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