Camseal terminal HEPA housing for non critical applications


CamSeal is a terminal housing with different grid options.

CamSeal is a housing designed to use in turbelent airflow clean rooms and hospital. The plenum is manufactured in galvanized steel sealed to ensure an airtight construction. The clean air side of the housing is fully welded for permanent reliable air-tightness. The finish is RAL 9010, oven baked to ensure long lasting durable and cleanable surfaces. Mounting of filters is by a clamping device with gasket compression limitation. Filters use in CamSeal is Megalam highflow Camfil┬┤s premium HEPA panel (*Order Separately). CamSeal is connected by collar on lateral side or superior. CamSeal damper can be adjust from room side. There are 5 types of diffusers options, Swirl, perforated, adjustable vanes, 4 ways and nozzles. All grids are hinged. CamSeal is available in four sizes and with three different types of duct connection.

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