Camfil Welcomes ISO 16890

ISO 16890 defines testing procedures and a classification system for air filters used in general ventilation equipment. This new standard provides the first opportunity for global harmonisation as it proceeds to replace the two existing localised standards; ASHRAE 52.2 which is dominant in USA and EN779:2012 which is dominant in Europe. Both standards coexist in Asia and the Middle East.

There are important differences between the ISO16890 standard and the existing standards.

- In several aspects, the new test procedures are more demanding than the existing standards. This will lead to higher filter performance, improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and greater protection of human health.

- The new test procedures are more closely related to real-world filter performance.

- The classification system is related to filter performance against three different sizes of particles.

- Importantly, the smallest particle fraction of the three, so called PM1, best represents the very fine particles that are known to be the most harmful to human health.

As global leader of the air filter industry, Camfil totally support the introduction of the new standard. It is clear that implementation of ISO16890 will bring real benefits for specifiers, purchasers and users of air filters. For further advice on the benefits of the new standard and on filter selection according to the new standard, please contact your local Camfil office.

Created Thursday, July 5, 2018