Camfil provides high efficiency air filtration solution for EPR nuclear power station with an aim to reduce carbon emissions

Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C in Somerset, United Kingdom is amongst the safest and most efficient nuclear power generators that are the type of a Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR). This third-generation European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR) nuclear power station has a projected lifetime of 60 years and is designed to use less uranium and produce less radioactive water waste that will make a significant development towards sustainability. It is designed to provide low-carbon electricity for around 6 million homes using 17% less fuel than earlier installations and will henceforth reduce carbon footprint and will produce less long-term radioactive waste.

With hundreds of megawatts electrical production in planning, the safety of the process becomes a key concern.

Camfil’s efforts and uniquely designed technology to furnish nuclear-grade equipment and air filters for the world’s biggest power producers with over 50 years of experience, makes Camfil the best choice for air filtration solution at Hinkley Point C. 

Camfil is committed to deliver air filtration solution in 3 phases which will comprise of 

  • Nuclear platform housings to supply clean air through the air intake systems and to handle air flow up to 100,000 cubic metres per hour
  • 100 Nuclear Tight lock casing accommodating more than 400 high performance HEPA filters to exhaust clean air through the air outtake systems
  • 30 gas-phase adsorption systems handling air flows up to 40,000 cubic metres per hour
“Camfil's expertise and skills are a force for the successful execution of the Hinkley point C project” - Mathieu Herlemont, HVAC Package Lead Manager, Engie Solutions

Michel Moulin, Managing Director from Camfil France said:

“Camfil has worked with more than 90 power plants around the world since the 1960s. Today, we are the global leader in nuclear particulate and gas-phase filtration and Hinkley Point C is an important part of the power network and we are delighted to be part of this project.

Our contract covers all aspects of design, development, manufacturing, testing and supply in accordance with the challenging technical and performance requirements of the customer.”

Michel Moulin
Air cleaning and quality control along with containment systems are most vital in minimising public exposure to radioactive material and protecting public safety inside and outside the nuclear power station. Camfil offers high quality solutions for best-in-class energy and power system facilities that are designed and developed by world-class professionals in the industry.

watch what happened at hinkley point c in 2019

Video Source: EDF in the UK Youtube channel


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Created Tuesday, January 21, 2020