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Some processes are more sensitive than others. If you work in the food and beverage or life science industries, you know how tough the demands on clean air are. That’s why you have to be particularly careful when choosing an air filter. It’s not enough that the filter protects your products from undesirable particles, it must also be manufactured from materials that don’t contaminate the delicate process. To be absolutely sure you have the right filter, look for the ProSafe symbol. When you see it, you can be sure the filter has been certified for use in processes with strict demands on safety, traceability and control.

Prosafe in Food and Beverage industry

We provide air filters that effectively filter air, not spread bacteria
For you in the Food & Beverage industry, air is one of the most important ingredients. That’s why effective air filters and circulation systems that reduce the levels of microorganisms in the air are vital. In addition, legislation and market demands are becoming increasingly tougher on hygiene in the food & beverage industry.

We at Camfil have delivered filter systems for over 50 years. Our high demands on research, development and quality assurance mean you can feel secure. We offer the Food & Beverage industry a complete range of ProSafe filters – specially designed for use in processes with strict requirements for safety, traceability and control.

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Prosafe in Life Science industry

Camfil is the world-leader in air filters in the pharmaceutical industry

For over 50 years, Camfil has been a leading supplier of air filters to the pharmaceutical industry. During the years, we have invested heavily in the development of products specially designed to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Today, we work in close cooperation with several of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and help them all over the world fulfil their stringent requirements for air filters. Our filters with the ProSafe symbol are a good example of this.

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  • Specially designed for process safety (Food & Beverage and Life Science applications)
  • All Hepa classified ProSafe filters are thoroughly tested before they leave the factory to eliminate potential leakage
  • The quality of the raw material (or filter media as we call it) is the highest. It is tested and developed according to very precise specifications
  • Approved for food product contact according to EC 1935:2004
  • Prevents microbial contamination according to ISO 846 Sturdy, moisture- and corrosionresistant for a hygienic HVAC system according to VDI6022
  • Tested resistance to chemicals used for cleaning and decontamination processes in clean rooms
  • Free of harmful chemical components such as Formaldehyde, Phthalates and Bisphenol-A

We offer a complete range of ProSafe filters
designed to comply with the strict demands on safety, traceability and
control in the food & beverage and life science industries.

Created Thursday, July 5, 2018