CamClose: New Generation Panel Air Filter for Gas Turbines & Turbomachinery

The CamClose is Camfil's new generation pleated panel air filter designed to extend the service life of gas turbine final filtersBy adding the CamClose pre-filter, overall filtration efficiency is further improved.

The CamClose has a user-friendly design, robust construction, and best-in-class water handling properties. These features make it an excellent pre-filter for most turbomachinery and gas turbine applications. It is especially suitable for humid conditions such as tropical and coastal installations.

Key Features

  • Built-in plastic clips for easy installation, without any additional hardware
  • Measure pressure drop more accurately with the new patented pressure drop measurement port
  • Lowest pressure drop in the G4 panel filter class
  • Advanced media for low pressure drop, long life and good water handling
  • High burst strength at 6250 Pa (25") and robust frame maintains filter integrity
  • Optimal and proper sealing give best-in-class water and contaminant handling, as well as a low and stable pressure drop


The CamClose pre-filter has been engineered to improve performance and allows for hassle-free operations, increased performance and offers excellent protection.


Quick installation with built-in clips Built-in filter clips allow for a quick and easy close-coupling to the gas turbine final filter, without any additional hardware.

Know when to replace your filters The patented built-in pressure drop measurement port helps to accurately monitor filter pressure drop across each filter stage separately, enabling the operator to better plan for filter replacement.

On-line filter change Filters can be quickly changed without shutting down your operations.

hassle-free operations


Extended life The prefilters have a low initial pressure drop and high dust holding capacity, meaning fewer changeouts.

Stable pressure drop Low and stable pressure drop in wet conditions lead to higher power output and lower fuel consumption.

Prolong final filter life High efficiency prefilter protects the final filter better, prolonging its life.

hassle-free operations


High burst strength > 6 250 Pa (25" w.g.) Sturdy construction ensures the filter can operate in high airflows and demanding applications while protecting the final filter and gas turbine.  

Excellent performance in wet conditions The CamClose hydrophobic/coalescing air filter offers excellent water-handling and drainage that protects your engine from pressure spikes.

Maintains efficiency at high airflows Non-charged, high mechanical efficiency ensures gas turbine filters maintain their efficiency class in high velocity applications and protect the gas turbine from day one of the installation.  

hassle-free operations


The CamClose panel air filter is available in three efficiency classes:

  • G4 (ePM Coarse 60%)
  • M5 (ePM10 65%)
  • M6 (ePM2.5 50%)

Pre-filters are used as a first line of defense against the elements. As such, they have an important impact on the overall performance of a filtration system. Since gas turbines require a higher level of protection compared to other applications, the right pre-filter becomes even more important.

The right pre-filter can extend the life of your final filters and also improve your overall filtration efficiency. This allows you to remain online for a longer periods of time and improves your availability and reliability.

Camclose Exploded view


filter installation INSTRUCTIONS

The CamClose filter has built-in clips that enable quick and efficient close-coupling of the pre-filter to the final filter. It is especially useful for installations that do not have separate pre-filter banks or do not have the hardware to fix a panel filter with their final filter.

The durable built-in clips, combined with the filter's high burst strength and robust construction, make the CamClose also useful in high velocity applications, such as offshore.

This easy 4-step guide shows how you can install your pre-filter to your final filter in less than 2 minutes!

MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS This easy 4-step guide shows how you can install your pre-filter to your final filter in less than 2 minutes!  Hook the upper clips onto the downstream filter. Push the filter gently downwards. Push the filter bottom until the side clips snap onto the downstream filter. Push the filter straight down and, Pull out the bottom of the filter until the lower clips are released. Lift the filter until the upper clips are released and dismantled. Visit the product page for more details on the CamClose panel air filter.


Measuring pressure drop across air filters is important to optimize filter changeouts. Normally, gas turbine operators that have close-coupled filter solutions would drill a hole into the pre-filter, or add a spacer frame with a hole between the two filters to help with this measurement. These methods are cumbersome and require additional tools.

You can finally put away your drill!

To simplify this process for close-coupled installations, the CamClose has been designed with a new and patented pressure drop port. This enables the operator to easily measure pressure drop, without the need for many tools.

This video shows how you can efficiently measure downstream pressure drop with the CamClose filter using only a few tools. 

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CamGT filters: TurboBoost Performance

The CamGT filters are the ultimate high performance gas turbine filters and are proven to be the toughest filters on the market. When combined with the CamClose pre-filter, the life of the CamGT is further improved, leading to even fewer maintenance requirements for final filter replacement. The CamClose pre-filter can be fitted perfectly onto any of CamGT filters in its line.