mertz distribution center

Case Study
Created Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Air cleaners reduce indoor air pollution by up to 78% at Mertz Distribution Center in Sweden

Employees perceive a noticeable air quality improvement and the equipment is clean, which increases reliability and efficiency 

Mertz Transport AB is a Swedish independent transport company with cross-dock terminals in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The staff is one of the cornerstones of the business and the company has a clear focus on giving the staff the opportunity to deliver the  highest quality and service possible. This, in combination with solid cooperation with customers and suppliers, has enabled the company's expansion and great success.

Jörgen Ek, coordinator of Mertz's improvement work, knew that the air inside the cross-dock
terminal in Malmö was dirty and dusty. But he didn't know how dirty the air was or what to do
about it. Camfil was contacted and a site visit with a visual inspection and interviews was
conducted. A decision was made to initiate an air quality measurement. The measurement
was made with the AirImage air quality sensor, which presents values in real time via its
analysis system.


In general, logistics premises often have high levels of pollutants indoors. Measurements
showed that this was also the case with Mertz. The terminal is located in Malmö harbour,
surrounded by several large, heavily trafficked roads, a major hub for the railway right outside
the doors and lots of trucks loading and unloading every day. This means that the outdoor
air in the area has high levels of air pollutants, which find their way into the premises.

Measurements specifically showed high levels of PM1, which are the smallest particles, and
the most health-threatening for us humans to inhale. It also turned out that the terminal's own
operations sometimes caused elevated levels of pollution.


Based on Camfil's experience with similar environments together with Mertz's conditions, Camfil suggested ceiling-mounted air cleaners CC 6000 in combination with the Air Image air quality sensor. In addition to making the air pollution levels visible, AirImage also makes it 

possible to make operational adjustments remotely if necessary

Products_Air image sensor_without background


One month after installation, the measurements in Mertz's premises showed that the pollution
levels had been halved, and at times the diagram showed that the pollution levels had decreased
by up to 78%. This has a direct positive effect on the employees. The air we breathe affects
both our health and how we perform.


At a follow-up meeting, a passing truck driver answered the question of whether he had noticed
any difference in the air recently.

Yes, what a difference it has made. When I blow my nose at work or after, it's not black anymore.

Jörgen says that several employees have commented that they felt a noticeable improvement in the air quality in the premises.


Technology such as forklifts and gates also work better when they are clean, which increases operational reliability and the efficiency of the terminal.


Mertz ordered City M air purifiers for the office space in their building, so the office staff would also be able to breathe clean and healthy air.



In addition to cleaner air, there are also opportunities to save energy with the help of air cleaners. 
Simply explained, warm air is moved from the ceiling down to floor level with the help of the air 
movements used to clean the air; this is furthermore described in other customer cases, for 

example in Camfil's collaboration with Schenker.​

Cc6000 aircleaner 1500x1500
Air cleaner cc 6000

Air cleaner with high air flow capacity, up to 6000 m3/h, for larger premises and industries with
a lot of dust. Equipped with HEPA filter as standard to protect people and processes.


Flexible installation as ceiling/wall-mounting or freestanding on wheels.


Mertz Transport AB offers customized solutions in transport and logistics with a strong focus on the customer's needs. Through their large distribution network, they offer complete door-to-door solutions, including the last mile in-house or with carefully selected subcontractors.


Mertz business area Rail also operates the Malmö Combi Terminal and Wagon Load Terminal, as well as extensive train switching services, and can provide one-stop shop solutions for rail and road transport from Malmö.