Testing Camfil air purifiers
an independent report

Independent testing of Camfil air purifiers

Created Tuesday, August 31, 2021

With the ever increasing rise in the need for improved air quality many companies are looking to mobile air purifiers to help supplement their HVAC system and reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission. To help understand the effectiveness of mobile air purifiers Spectrum Engineering, in Ireland, conducted three site tests to measure the impact these units can have within workplaces 

The Experiments

The tests performed by Spectrum engineering in Ireland were based around three key aspects

1) How much could the City M improve air quality?

2) How much aerosol could the City M remove within a 20 minute timeframe?

3) Could the City M remove VOC's from the room?

Summary of results

Camfil City M improves air quality and protects people

Through these experiments the goals where to address three key areas. Could the air purifier improve air quality, could the air purifier reduce aerosol concentration over 20 minutes and could the air purifier reduce VOCs

  • Through tests conducted by Spectrum engineering it was noted that the City M air purifier improved air quality by over 63%
  • Through these tests it was shown that the City M air purifier reduced aerosol concentration by over 98% in a 20 minute period
  • The tests also showed that VOCs were reduced within the room but it was noted that the room did not have a problem with these contaminants