Air Cleaners in Food and Beverage Production

Air is a Vital Ingredient in Food and Beverage Production. Protecting your production process and final product has never been easier than with Camfil Industrial Air Cleaner


Protect Product Quality

In Food and Beverage plants warehousing incorporates two sections – Raw Material Storage and Finished Product Storage.
Protecting your produce is key to any Food and Beverage manufacturing plant as it helps to ensure that Food Quality is of the Highest standard. Problem: In Warehousing polyacrylamide is a key concern as it can lessen the lifetime of the raw material. This can lead to large wastages and reduced output which affects the bottom line of every Food and Beverage manufacturer

Using CC6000 with Molecular add ons allows the polyacrylamide to be taken out of the air. This can lead to an increased lifetime in Raw Materials
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Production Hall

Reduced Cross Contamination

In any production Hall protecting products from contamination is key to running a successful operation. Cross Contamination is always a big concern in these Industries

During the Manufacture of products there is often an increase in Dust levels in the facility. These Dust particles can travel through the air and lead to cross contamination in different production batches. When cross contamination occurs the production batch needs to be discarded to ensure compliance with Industry standards

CC6000 Prosafe – The CC6000 prosafe has been designed with the Food and Beverage Industry in mind. Aimed at reducing levels of Microorganisms in the air the CC6000 is the Only Air Cleaner that is approved for food product contact (EC 1935:2004) and prevents Microbial contamination according to ISO846
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Clean Room Environments

In the Research and Development area within a Food and Beverage production facility there is often a need for Clean Room environments. As these R&D departments are often situated near or within the production facility, extra protection is often needed to ensure the area is maintained to the high standards required to conduct the research

Problem: A Food manufacturing plant was hoping to achieve an ISO 8 Clean Room environment for its R&D department to work in. Contamination of the R&D processes was occuring from Dust being created from the manufacturing process.

Solution: Camfils range of Industrial Air Cleaners use EN1822:2009 Certified HEPA filters to ensure the air is cleaned to Clean Room Standard. Depending on your requirements different filtration levels can be used (E11-H12). 
  • Approved for food product contact according to EC 1935:2004

  • Prevents microbial contamination according to ISO 846

  • Sturdy, moisture- and corrosion resistant for hygienic HVAC systems according to VDI6022

  • Tested resistance to chemicals used for cleaning and decontamination processes in clean rooms

  • Free of harmful chemical components such as Formaldehyde, Phtalates and Bisphenol-A

  • Flexible solution

  • Plug and play installation

  • IP54 protection

CC6000 (3)

- Indoor Air Excellence

For you in the Food & Beverage- and Life Science industry, air is one of the most important ingredients. That's why effective recirculation by Camfil air Cleaners that reduce the levels of microorganisms in the air are vital. In addition, legislation and market demands are becoming increasingly tougher on hygiene in the food & beverage and life science industry.

  • Light to show when filters need to be changed
  • Certified air filters to ensure optimal performance
  • Dual inlet system allows for the air to be drawn from two different areas which helps to improve air quality.
  • Dual outlet system
  • Energy efficient fans in our Air Cleaners to reduce operational costs
  • Plug and play solution. Wheels are installed to allow free movement around your warehouse
  • The CC6000 has adaptable configurations. The Horizontal Layout is used for Ceiling suspension

Dealing with odours and gases is just one of the functions of Camfil Air Cleaners. Watch this video to learn how a leading Beverage manufacturer used camfils air cleaners to help protect employee health

Created Wednesday, October 30, 2019