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School learns the benefit of clean air

Camfil worked with a school to help improve the indoor air quality for students during their critical exam period. The school got Camfil air purifiers to use in the gymnasiums where the exams were given.

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Indoor Air Quality worth the investment

With Camfil's help, the facilities management firm Norland Managed Services enabled a major bank in central London to gain major savings. See how they lowered energy consumption, CO2 emissions and filter costs.

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Midwest PMS is a manufacturer of liquid supplements for livestock that are custom blended per order to various customers in the US. Their fully automated batching system combines an order’s various ingredients by weight.

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Gold Series blasts competitor dust collector

JPW Companies offers a wide variety of products built to last for manufacturing companies. Installed on a blasting machine, JPW Companies originally installed a competitor's dust collector to manage the facility.

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Better indoor air quality for Cofely united kingdom

Cofely, a GDF Suez company, is one of the leading experts in energy, technology and facilities management services with business outsourcing. Camfil provides City air purifiers to improve indoor air quality.

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Maximum Availability During Critical heating Season

An upgrade to the CamPulse GTC filters maximised availability during the critical heating season for a Huadian plant, located in the Tianjin development zone in China. The original system could not perform during peak season.

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auburndale power plant weathers the elements

The plant was experiencing high pressure drop and short filter life. In reviewing the situation it was determined that the hot and humid climate of Florida was degrading the performance of the filter. What was the solution?

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Odour Solution for Pharmaceutical company

There was a distinct odour in the manufacturer's lab and cold storage area, and employee complaints of nuisance odour eventually circulated to management where the concern was escalated.

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Camfil wins Dalkia over four competitors

Dalkia, a leader in gas turbines, designed 12 testing benches to compare four air filtration combinations at three sites in France with different operating environments. Four competitors were free to select their best combinations.

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Proper Ventilation for medical marijuana

This key player in the industry operates one of the largest facilities in Canada, with over 150,000 square feet of space licensed for medical marijuana production. The process of growing cannabis produces a strong smell.

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Life at sea isn't easy. Employees at this North Sea oil rig needed cleaner air in communal areas such as television rooms and accommodation spaces. Find out how Camfil and MSV Regalia improved the air with 24/7 use of a filtration system. 

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A breath of fresh air in logistics

Find out how this German high-tech company combated dust and particles at two large warehouses. With stock moved daily, the stored components needed protection from dust.  Staff availability and good health were also top priorities.

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CamTain Contains explosive Pharma Dust

A multinational pharmaceutical company needed a dust extraction system for their new tableting suite in Spain. The suite was comprised of six rooms, each with its own tablet machine that created explosive dusts.

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pfizer Prioritises Energy Reduction Project

Camfil secured a supply and installation contract at the Pfizer Global Research and Development Campus in South East Kent, UK, that improves air quality and saves over £2 million.

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Air Cleaner solves health & Dust Issue

The DB Schenker logistics centre in Sweden successfully deploys a CC6000 units for filtering and purifying the air in hall areas. Commissioning these units did not require any major structural alterations.

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A bottling machine operating with air filters
bottled water producer reduces labour and waste

Camfil engaged with one of the largest food companies worldwide and a global leader in the bottled water industry. The manufacturer is committed to health, hydration and the environment in particular.

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Retrofit solutions for India's largest power generation company

Discover why Camfil was the right fit for a retrofit solution in a challenging coastal environment at Tata Power Ltd., India's biggest integrated power company. 

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Truck in an auto body shop with an air filtration solution
Protecting Family-owned auto body shop

With a reputation as the best in their area, this third-generation, family-owned body shop takes care of its classic cars – and the health of its family members – with quality air filtration solutions from Camfil.

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Leading beverage manufacturer gets a taste of clean air

Air is the only ingredient involved in every aspect of food and beverage manufacturing. Air comes into contact with products from storage of goods all way to packaging. How can we help to keep your food processes safe?

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Filter Savings at frozen food Manufacturer

Three air handling units supplied air to critical processing areas in one of the largest frozen food manufacturing facilities in the U.S. The prefilter and final filter combination saved the plant over $33,000 per year.

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Energy Savings at Western UNited States University

A life cycle costing (LCC) analysis proved that the Camfil Durafil filter operated at a 24% lower energy cost per year than the Viledon T-60. Camfil's product would save the customer $14 per filter per year vs. the alternative.

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Metal Fabrication Workshop Improves Indoor Air Quality

Increase production efficiency, reduce your environmental impact and keep your shop and workers safe. Camfil industrial air cleaners work hard for Georgian Gates, so they can focus on getting the job done.

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st. james hospital Prevents Aspergillus Exposure

Healthcare facilities depend on Camfil to help them maintain the highest levels of cleanliness for promoting health. This Dublin hospital used our filters to prevent exposure to a potentially harmful airborne fungus.

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db schenker cleans distribution centre air 

Camfil’s customers rely on us to protect their employees’ health by improving indoor air quality. Listen to how a leading logistics company worked with Camfil to solve air problems in their distribution centre.

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Food Producer Builds Appetite for Gold Series

Nestle wanted a turnkey installation and a guaranteed price for a dust collection system at their frozen dinner plant. The application called for two collectors to handle the various types of spices and additives. 

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H.C. Ørstedsværket is a building of architural significance. The buildings are to be used for new energy production, but before this can happen, existing boilers and other equipment must be removed.

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Camgt 4v-300 acoustic performance

The leading independent energy producer in Thailand operate gas turbine combined cycle power plants with an output of 1600MW each, with four M701F4 gas turbines, two steam turbines, and six generators.

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