Cartridge filter

Cartridge filters

Our cartridge filters, both self-cleaning pulse and static, are available in vertical or horizontal designs to best suit your system of choice.

The gas turbine air filters come in a broad range of medias and efficiency classes, including EPA class filters, that offer an air inlet pulse filter for every environment and every gas turbine inlet.

The pulse filters, also in HemiPleat technology, come in a variety of different sizes to match your inlet system configuration.

Filter class: T6 up to T12
Standard configuration: conical cylindrical (crossflow, two elements), cylindrical cylindrical (crossflow, two elements), Tenkay (updraft, single element)
Liner/end-pans: galvanized steel, stainless steel, powder-coated
Media: Blended (T6-T8), Synthetic (T9-T10), Membrane (T12)