Terminal HEPA filter Housings

Terminal HEPA housings

Camfil offers a wide range of terminal HEPA housings with premium HEPA and ULPA filters for turbulent ventilated cleanrooms.

Terminal HEPA housings play an important role in Life Science, Food & beverage, Healthcare or hospital, microelectronics and cleanrooms processes. The housing is come with smart clamping feature, user friendly design and robust construction. Our terminal HEPA housing also provide a wide range solutions for customer. Besides that, it also low in noise level and low energy consumption and is a saving energy product. Pharmaseal is a fully welded GEL seal terminal HEPA housing for cleanrooms in the pharma industry.
Cleanseal is a fully welded terminal HEPA housing with a varity of options for gaskets, grids and filter heights. CamSeal is is a terminal HEPA housing with different grid options. CamHosp is Ultra Clean ventilation ceiling solution for operating theatre.