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Industrial dust, mist & fume collection

Manufacturing & Machinery

Being in the manufacturing industry, you know that virtually every process creates some type of dust, mist or fume. It is important to protect employees and equipment on a day-to-day basis. Air filtration started in industrial facilities to protect the HVAC system and increase the yield in processes, thereby increasing profit dollars.

Large particles produced from machinery, fine particles consistent with any process that involves high activity in process or with people and gaseous contaminants are all problems that may be addressed with air filtration. Here we can show you how to protect your workers, equipment and processes in any facility.

Eliminating dust clouds at midwest pms

The Gold Series GS12 has virtually eliminated the clouds of dust that were once present during loading, reducing the maintenance time for the equipment that was being affected by the dust. Find out how Camfil designed a solution.

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Gold Series X-Flo

GSX collectors are ideal for use in pharma, mining, food and chemical processing industries. They also provide a safer work environment in metalworking applications like welding and cutting.

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Clean air for beverage manufacturer

Air is the only ingredient involved in every aspect of food and beverage manufacturing. Air comes into contact with products from storage of goods all the way to packaging. How do we help keep food processes safe?

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Metal Fabrication Workshop Improves IAQ

Increase production efficiency, reduce your environmental impact and keep your shop and workers safe. Camfil industrial air cleaners work hard for Georgian Gates, so they can focus on getting the job done.

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Gold Series blasts competitor dust collector

JPW Companies offers a wide variety of products built to last for manufacturing companies. Installed on a blasting machine, JPW Companies originally installed a competitor's dust collector to manage the facility.

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Air Cleaner solves health & Dust Issue

The DB Schenker logistics centre in Önnestad, Sweden now successfully deploys Camfil CC6000s for filtering and purifying air in hall areas. Commissioning the Industrial Air Cleaner did not require major structural alterations. 

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A breath of fresh air for the logistics sector 

Two large warehouses of are used for interim storage of components. With stock moved on a daily basis, the stored components soon gather dust. The availability of staff and maintaining their health is top priority.

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north sea oil rig accommodation areas

Employees at the North Sea Oil Rig needed cleaner air in common spaces such as television rooms and accommodation spaces. Find out how Camfil and MSV Regalia improved the air with 24/7 usage of a filtration system. 

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Camfil wins Dalkia over four competitors

Dalkia designed 12 testing benches to compare four air filtration combinations on three sites in France with different operating environments. Four competitors were free to select their best combinations.

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H.C. Ørstedsværket is a building of architural significance. The buildings are to be used for new energy production, but before this can happen, existing boilers and other equipment must be removed.

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