Cleanseal Extract Exhaust/Return Air Housing

  • Tool-less filter clamping 100% secured and immediate
  • Quick grid locking for immediate access to filter
  • Long lasting reliability and tightness : robust fully welded construction
  • High corrosion protection againts decontamination agents
  • Ensure localized control of potent compounds, eliminating the contamination of downstream ductworks
  • Easily operation with scanning system for filter integrity test


CleanSeal Extract is wall mount equipment used for exhaust/return air system: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Hospitals, and animal facilities.
Type: Fully welded Wall mount housing.
Construction: Carbon steel, fully welded seams, accessories in Stainless Steel
Finish: 3 Steps - white epoxy coated RAL 9010, qualified for high corrosion protection against decontamination agents
Filter Seal: Endless PU gasket on filter.
Connection: Rectangular pre-drilled flanges.
Pressure Gauge: Pressure gauge is pre-installed on the equipment.
Performance: The whole equipment could bear ±1000Pa.The overall leakage rate should no more than 0.25% per hour under 1000Pa pressure.
Scanning system: Accourding to standard IS014644-3.
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