Mycamfil connect app

24/7 access to your filter certificates


MyCamfil Connect App allows service and validation teams to easily identify HEPA filters whilst installed. Scan the room-sided serial number label and retrieve the individual EN1822 scan-test certificate. The free App features storing, sorting and sharing functions. Start digitalizing your cleanroom documentation and always be ready for the next audit.

The tool is designed to ensure:

  • In-situ filter identification
  • Quick access to filter test certificate
  • Meet audit and validation requirements
  • Store, sort and share documents
  • Digitalize your documentation
Step by step

1. The serial number QR code mounted on the downstream side of your filter. A second QR code is provided for your individual purpose at the filter label. 

2. You can scan the QR code by using the app MyCamfil Connect, which is available for downloading on public app stores.

3. After retrieving the protocol you can e-mail it forward for printing or filing. 

MyCamfil Connect is available for all iOS and Android devices. Download the app today.

Download the app

create an account and get started today

To get started with this service you need to download MyCamfil Connect from your app store and a create a Camfil account to sign in. Fill out the form below to create your Camfil account. Once your account is created, you can sign in on the app and start scanning your filters.
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