Laboratories & Biosafety

Laboratories & Biosafety

Keep your laboratories the safe places they are meant to be. Meet critical safety and reliability requirements and mitigate risk with Camfil’s extensive range of biosafety solutions..

In sensitive environments like pharmaceutical and biopharma facilities with high biosafety levels, both people and the environment risk higher exposure to toxic materials. You need to protect researchers from contamination and prevent microorganisms from coming out of these environments. It could be a matter of life or death.

Biosafety or containment solutions are critical in these major applications:

  • Life science, where you need to protect not only the product but also the people and environment outside the facility from exposure to pathogens or potent compounds.
  • Research and defence, where researchers manipulate highly dangerous biological, chemical and radioactive materials that must be contained to avoid a dramatic outbreak.
  • Healthcare, either in isolation rooms for treating infectious diseases or in radio nuclear medicine.

Different processes and safety levels require different air cleaning solutions

In the life sciences, pharmaceutical and biopharma facilities have their own special air quality requirements with one thing in common: keeping workers, equipment and processes safe.

Biosafety labs are specialised research labs where scientists study infectious agents, bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxic substances. A few uncollected particles or gas molecules in contaminated air can pose a serious threat out of these labs. It is critical for your air filtration system to contain all of these potentially harmful airborne pathogens.

The necessary protection is defined by four biosafety levels (BSLs). As the BSL increases, there are more requirements and constraints added to the safety precautions that must be followed. The materials observed in highest BSL4 labs can cause severe – or fatal – untreatable diseases in humans.

Camfil air filtration solutions help labs to remain safe places

In all cases, filtration of the air both coming in and going out of the lab is crucial. Incoming supply air must be clean to prevent contamination of work that is being conducted. And exhaust air that exits the lab needs to be filtered to keep harmful or deadly substances and organisms from harming people and the outside environment.

Camfil offers dedicated containment solutions to provide even the highest level of safety. Many of the BSL-4 labs around the world currently rely on our containment solutions.

So contact our experts to find out how to reduce the potential spread of disease through the air handling systems of biosafety labs and other pharma facilities. In addition to particle removal efficiency, you’ll also get solutions with a long lifespan, reduced environmental impact and low total cost of ownership.


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