Industrial Oil And Emulsion Mist Separators

Mist Separators

Industrial machining processes generate mist from cooling lubricants which have to be controlled before entering the ambient air. Mist separators extract the process air from the machine tools and separate the emissions from the air stream before returning the cleaned air back into the production or outside into the environment.

Depending on the application and the processed material, the machine tools use different liquids as emulsion, oil or MQL for cooling the tools within the machine, to clean the workpiece during the processing procedure or for chip disposal. As those metalworking fluids are injected with high pressure together with the speed of the tools, the fluids vaporise and create coolant mist inside the working area of the machines.
Before opening the doors for changing tools or workpieces, the coolant mist has to be extracted from the working area of the machine. This is mandatory to protect the workers occupational health, to eliminate safety risks and to control the indoor air quality.
Industrial mist separators can be used as centralised or decentralised extraction systems or for direct machine tool integration, depending on the customerĀ“s process. Mist separators from Camfil combine the advantages of filtering separators and coalescence separators which provides best separation efficiencies, low energy consumption and long filter lifetimes.
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