Mobile dust & fume extraction solutions

Mobile Extraction Solutions

Mobile extraction solutions and static workplace systems provide an effective and flexible way to capture dry airborne dust and fumes directly at the source and at various locations.

Welding applications and other manual metalworking processes generate airborne dust and fumes which could be harmful to the operator and pollute the production environment if not handled properly. Such processes are common in the metal processing industry but also in a lot of other industries where companies for example run small workshops for repairs or maintenance of their own equipment. For this purpose the ideal solution are cost-effective and efficient mobile extraction systems which capture dry airborne dust and fumes directly at the source. Unlike bigger, stationary extraction systems, the mobile dust & fume extractors easily can be moved to different work locations if needed. Using mobile dust and fume collectors help to improve the indoor air quality in the production, to protect employees from harmful emissions and to meet the local health and safety requirements. Camfil┬┤s mobile extraction systems and static source capture equipment handles light to medium dust and fume loads and is designed for sporadic usage, short shifts or flexible repairs at different locations. Depending on the model and configuration, the systems provide a multistage filtration, a manual pulse cleaning system or can be equipped with a HEPA filter.
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